Friday, January 11, 2013

Then,What To Do?

Peace be upon

Life without doing nothing. I mean something that make your life so hectic. Include busy working,exam or studying. While me, like i'm feel zero here. Just stay at home. From day to day. No planning. Really weird having a routine like this. Eat-Pray-Sleep-wake up. A long time ago,when i'm in hectic schedule..i really want a space for me that release me from doing anything. I mean a long rest. Like i have right now. Haha..Now,when i'm in it..Oh god, i know what i want not really good for me. I realize, i'm willing to live in all god planner than mine.

Then,what to do?so, as my circumstances not allow me to do anything. I mean working or anything else. Better i just focus on my health. This is the key for me before other thing. Yeah, enjoy my time as much as i want while not doing something heavy. Like doing something that can dispel my boredom. Novel,movie,cooking,sewing..all housewife routine..I don't know how long i could be having all of this. Haha..whatever happen..just trust and put everything to god. God Willing, i know something great waiting me. So,keep patience and never skip praying and remember Allah every moment. 


✿A I N A A✿ said...

betul tu.. kesihatan tu lebih penting sis.. apapun, buatlah cupcake yang comel2 lagi sis.. hehehe boleh jual...=3

N.Aima K said...

assalamualaikum :)