Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Peace Be upon You..
Dear All readers..

I'm in Love..yeah..=)
Put your hands up..who's watch this drama Akasia on tv3 "SETIA HUJUNG NYAWA".I know,mostly watch it.Dah jadi buah Mulutkan.Ngeee.. Now, i'm fever on it.Haha..Many things i learn from watching this drama. I know, this drama was adapted from Novel. Love story for young age. So,sweet. Many conflict between husband and wife. Just because the past, her husband can't accept the reality what has happened to her wife and their relationship . Zain is a sweet guy. with evertyhing happen towards him.When he know about Ersalina preggy..then,ruin everything. Their happiness. Zain treat Ersalina like rubbish.How damn him..Everyday,i never miss to watch this drama.
Till my mum said " bah,feeling habis suda bah anak mama ni" Yeah mum...well,you know me..hehe..Jiwang jugalah..bab~bab cintan cintun ni..macam saya dha yang ada kat dalam tv tu..merasa segala-segala..Ahaksss..

Then,there's a quotes that i like. It say " Tiada Manusia Suci,yang tidak mempunyai masa silam, Tiada Manusia yang berdosa yang tidak mempunyai masa hadapan". Even it just a drama. In real life, maybe some of us undergo all of this situation. No one know. But, some have that. So, don't forget to watch it. Better you all read the novel first. Then,you'll know how the story is adapted in this drama. Hehe..once i'm laughing,some scene make me feel angry,resentful. Till cry.Haha..Berfeeling habis.

Who's in love, couple,husband and wife..you should watch this drama. Then,you know "heaven" and "hell". Haha...Laughing so loud. =) 


NinaAz said...

First time tgk cerita ni. Semalam. Fall in love terussss. So. Tgh nak tgk episod demi episod dr tonton. Hikhik

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hehe..bestkan dear..tgk taw..hehe..mmg best..=)