Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't never back again

Salam...Happy Saturday to all bloggeeps

Yeah,it's a perfect time to spend time with family,friends and your lover. But for me,it's a good time just stay at HOME. Just because the issue of invaders herein SABAH. Make all of us feel insecurity. No matter what happen. Just trust all of our Police and ATM. They doing well.Never mind, let time make everything back to its point. Life must go on. Even me broken-hearted. It doesn't mean affect my life. What past is past. Absolutely,no hatred. I call all of this is just an experience that teach me to be more mature. Problems that come into my life never make me down. Instead, all were teach me to be a strong person.

 No matter what happen, i trust god (ALLAH S.W.T). Even someone hurt me. I pray for his happiness. May god bless them. The one thing i said to him 'Once i let you go,find your way,please never back again to me." Yeah,that all i need. No need to give a thousand reason.Whatever happen. There is nothing more to be discussed. All decision that i made based on my maturity. What you deserve from me just a friendship. So, i never ruin your life. Now, you will know who i am really is.  Enough is enough. Past is past. Thank you so much for everything that you leave for me. Only Allah know..why all of this happen. So, i trust God. Insyaallah, this is better for me. with all my sincerity. I let him go. May Allah blessed him. Amin...=)

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