Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ety's Reserved

Dear all readers and viewers..
May u all have a nice weekend..=)
I'd talked that i'm thinking about creating my own template.Finally,i've already finished complete it.Even it so simple,but make me gratify indeed.I'm prefer combination of pink and white color in my template theme.This is my favorite color.Hehe.So,how about u all..i know u all are more pro.Hehe.Anyway,the important thing is we enjoy the way we are.

This is my new header,that i created.More related to my blog title.Hehe..Sweetheart.=)

Finally,i've complete my own blog template.simple.Cool.=)

So,before i'm going to readmit back to ward.I'm delighted to be here to make some post.Actually,after i'm accept the fact,i need to through all of this fate confidently.I've learning more about life.Everyday we live,love is need.Do small things with great love and you'll make a big difference.For me,everyway I were..I'm hold on all the things that make me happy and let go of things that make me sad!I Never blame any day in my life,because Good days give me happiness,Bad days give me experience,Worst days give me a lesson.I'm just enjoying the moment, and enjoying whatever, come what may. And whatever will be, will be. Most off all, I'm happy...=)


ChEnTA LiEYza said...

comey lah... ^^ i love pink 2... lalala

✿Lady Ainaa ✿ said...

Wow!!! really talented! I do not know how to make that type of header.. Oh My... I love pink, and i really tergoda wif ur bloggy.. Nice and pretty like its owner.. simple but gojez...

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

thanks for the comment yaa ladies..hehe..keep in touch..thanks also for the dropping by..i'll hit u back..=)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

waa..cntik oo ety..smpi skrg i still got impasse in making template using photoshop. but then next-time i hope i will create by myself..=)

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

thanks yan..u can try it..learning and practise make perfect..hehe..y penting u got gratify..=)