Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raya Season 2011#(Before Raya)

hye there,
Now,i'm currently at keningau.i've more things to share with you all,which i got it from here.But,not for now.Coming soon yaa.=)So,now..i want to share my memories during raya season 2011.Raya Merdeka!Its so delightful for me.I'll share to you all our preparation to celebrate raya.Two days before raya,i'm so busy because baking some biscuits.This is be the must thing for me.I love to cook and bake biscuits or cake.=)That why my mum ask me to bake biscuits.
I present to you all,my homemade biscuit.By me..=)
Biscuit namely Mutiara Mentega and Cerelac

Before and after baked..=)

During the biscuit bake in an oven..=)

And Finally,Wachaa..!!
I've done.REady to Eat.

P/s My dream,i want to make some business for biscuit and cake soon.I'll be Ready for accept an order from anyone who's interested=)


'alyah syabil said...

ble sye tgk kuih rye ni rse lapar la plakk ==" sedapnyee

Miszyuyu said...

wah rajinnya buat kuih ray =p