Monday, December 10, 2012

All I have

Hello readers and viewers..

How are you there? May you all having a blessed and good day to live. Hiatus from blogging really make me miss everything that happen among all bloggers. I'm sorry because i can't keep in touch with you all. Now,we are in the month of December. Count down the day to celebrate Christmas for those christian and celebrate new year for all of us. So,this is my first entry in december. Hopefully, for the next time i can more active again to update my blog. Many incident that come into my life in this year. I can't elaborate all my feeling into words. Year 2012 bring a lots of memories to keep. I can say all the moment i have more bitter than sweet. Even though it bitter, but all make my life. I'm grateful, syukur Alhamdulillah..everything that happen to me..even hard..until now, Allah s.w.t still give me a chance to breath and have my life. Everything happen for a reason.
i take this photo by myself..during at Tanjung Aru Beach..thank you Allah create all of this for us.

I never feel despair with all i have even it somewhat tough. All the challenges, obviously make me so strong. Thank you Allah s.w.t . I believe the greatest of Allah s.w.t  most merciful and most gracious. Now, i'm start my new life. Hopefully, after this i can continue my study. I will do the best of me. Plus, the most important thing that i want is I'm seeking something that can build my reputation not just to human but to Allah s.w.t.
My life, family and things all are only temporary. All i have is belong to Allah s.w.t . Anytime if Allah want it back. It would happen. So, i never overbearing all of this. I'm just grateful and appreciate everything.
I'm start everything with a great enthusiasm. All i need is your love., i stop writing here. we see again for the next entry. God willing, i'll active again in blogging after this. Too many things to share with you all. Ok dear all bloggers..keep blogging. I'll visit and read your story then. See you again..bye..=)


✿A I N A A✿ said...

Anyway, i love ur writting?? Tip-Top ur english.. bilalah ena boleh menulis entry in english?? huhu..

Btw, hope Allah ease your life... Cantik gambar2 yang sis letak tu.. hehe

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

thanks dear...leave a comment you..hehe..

my english just simple dear..the important thing all easy to understand...aina cubalah jgk..try entry in english..tak full pun xpa..asal ada english..hehe..