Friday, December 14, 2012

Just want to be friend

Live without couple,i mean someone that love you and you love her/him too something awkward. When you hang out to the mall. Wow,so many couple that spend their time together,while you walking alone and looking around. For me, i don't care at all. I just enjoy my life . I admit it, many guys come into my life and want to know me. But i just can't treat them more than a friend. I need time. My heart still yet ready to love someone. Now, i've no time to have a boyfriend because the whole of my time just for me and my family. Maybe one day i'll decide to have someone special but not now.

I'm sorry dear readers..if everything i wrote here really annoying. Just ignore it yeah..haha..okay,that's all i want to write. I just want to be friend.


✿A I N A A✿ said...

No la... sis okay je, entry sis pun ada makna2 tersirat dan tersurat.. tak mengapalah sis, no need bf apa semua ni.. jumpa yg sesuai nanti, terus kahwin, its better

Winnie Irene said...

no worries babe. i understand what you feels because ive been there. enjoy your single life while you can. hehe! nanti sda jumpa yang berkenan d hati, terus kawin. hoho

SimplySeoul said...

Ety, lama x stroll in your blog. So sorry. Did i tell u that i show your blog to mayzilla? hehe. anyway. hopefully you are doing good. jaga diri and lots of love for u.