Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello,readers and viewer,i want to share something that motivate ourself in every way we are.God give us a Life.So,what actually,Life In A word that we live in every second of breath.i got this from a very famous poetry writer.By Mother Teresa

Life Is An Opportunity,Benefit From It
Life Is Beauty,Admire it
Life Is Bliss,taste it
Life is a dream,Realize it
Life is A challenge,Meet it
Life Is a duty,Complete it
Life Is A game,Play it
Life Is A Promise,Fulfil it
Life Is A Sorrow,Overcome It
Life is a song,Sing it
Life is A struggle,accept it
Life Is A Tragedy,confront it
Life is An Adventure,dare it
Life is Luck,Make it
Life is too precioud,do not destroy it
Life is Life,fight For it

Hope we appreciate our life.never make it as a big problem to confront it.Life has no limitation,except the ones you make.=)

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Azeanthy Paiman said...

yups,agreed with u dear!

be good there ya=)