Monday, August 8, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone.For those fasting,lead your heart to be patience along this month.Hehe.And the other,especially,non-muslim..don't forget to take your lunch.I hope everybody enjoy doing your activitiy.Now,i've free time,so i filll it by posting a  new entry.Last weeks,i had  went to MUIS for attend this event.The event is TILAWAH AL-QURAN PERINGKAT KEBANGSAAN,for ministry of health..under PERKIPS.So,during the event,i snap some of picture.I just want to share it to you all,how this event proceed so well.
After,attend this event,it provide good returns to everybody.Even,i can't attend my tutorial and lecture.Okay guys,that all from me.Enjoy to see this picture aa.=)

To all readers and viewers thank you so much,for viewing my blog.I appreciate it so much.=)

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