Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creativity Is My eyes FooD

Hello everybody!!
How are you there?I hope everyone of you good in healthy.i don't know  what time now,because my eyes still fresh and want to update something new in my blog.After this,i'll busy with my practical for community and outstation.The day after tomorrow, the early morning i'll going to Keningau at Clinic Apin-apin.For this free time,i want to share something that i capture using my lovely camera.I've snap this picture last two months.I'm forgot to post about it.It just a tower.Chinese temple.the location is at Tuaran.

Actually,i want to post this photo in my photography blogger,but,i'm feel so lazy to put it there.Hehe.I've plan to delete my photoblog.Insyaallah,i want to create new blog next time.So,here.I attached my photo.Nothing special to be look.But,i'm just feed this blog with my own creativity during taking photo.That why i say,creativitiy is my eyes food.Haha,I don't know where i got such a term.It was Create by ChentaEty.Only found in chentaety dictionary.=)

Present it to you all..=)

I'm not so good in taking picture,but i just try and make me satisfy with my work.i don't have any DSLR.But,i'm sure one day i'll have my own.For me,it is not necessarily you will have a nice picture when use DSLR,the important think is the nice of seing.DSLR just give you the effect of art,but everything is your creativity.This is called"Art Of Seing".So,i'm just practice it using my digital camera.No effect of focal length and aperture,depth of field(DOF) and so on.HuHu.But i'm still delighted with it function and how it work for me.=)


NinaAz said...

WAH2..niicee SHOOTT.. gud luck!updo =)

ChentaEty said...

Thank u sis...insyaallah..i'll grow in art of photography...=)