Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Again!

Hello everyone..peace be upon you all as readers and viewers.How are you there?I hope you all fine.During this raya time,even busy,i still want to create new post in my blog.I know,everyone busy,because it's time to visit every open house.Eat everything.Kuih raya and ketupat.Nevermind,only a month in a twelve month to celebrate Hari Raya day.enjoy your day guys.So,i'm bringing back you all to the title.Why photo again?!hoho..its me,when you know me so much,i'm sure you'll know i'm a photoholic.Because this is the way for me to heal my bored.I'm just want to feed my blog with my photo.hehe.My photo here was captured by my BFF,last month.The photographer is Olivia Cheryl Simon.Thanks dear for the photo.=)

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