Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Okay Bah!!

Hello darlings...
How are you there??

so ,long i've been hiatus from blogging. I've too many things that should be completed. Never mind, i still catch up and stalked your blog even i'm not leave any comment. Hehe...Keep blogging everyone. Oh yeah,How's your raya celebration ? I know it was full blast . This year, i've celebrated the raya day at my hometown( sandakan). I'm really  enjoy the moment with my big family there. The exciting thing i have with them, we all having convoi from sandakan - Kunak- Tawau- Semporna. Yeah, after a few months i never having any outdoor activity. Finally, i'm really free to have it.

So,welcome Mr.September. Now,we are in this month. Hopefully everything will give something different after all that i've been through. This month, is a time for me to get rest and relax my mind from everything. Then,enjoy my day as usual. The priority to me is think positive with what i have now. Certainly,my relationship with god never stop to get a blessing from him ( Allah S.w.t). Insyaallah, with the god permission everything will be okay and one day it would be. I'm so grateful, till today i'm still with my beloved family and friend that always giving me a passion and never stop praying for my happiness. For all bloggers that always come up here and leave an overwhelming comment thanks so much. May god bless u all..Ameen.

What i have now, i need to attend so many appointment with the specialists. As the preparation before i'm having the transplant next month. On 18th september i'll have a JPJ test for my driving license. Pray for me yaa blogger..hehe..

Okay,thas all from me.See you again if i'm free to do the blogwalking session.Enjoy your day.


✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

alhamdulillah sis dah kembali berblog... seriusly, im miss u badly!!!! huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... hikhik, JPJ tu, kat bukit selalu orang sangkut.. becareful kt bukit tu tau... ena doakan sis lepas exam dengan para JPJ nanti weeeeeeeeeeee

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

I miss u too dik ainaa...
Sis dha baca post aina..mcm big problem jew tue matter what,just ignore the cetek IQ memng cam tue..
Test Jpj..sis takut gak ney..huhu..seram sejuk jgk ney..nak hadir test tue..hehe..thanks eyk..doakan sis..yihuuu...=)

aini shahroni said...

gud luck my sista >__<
saya doakan akak cepat sembuh..