Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awakening from hiatus

Peace Be upon you all..
Hello everyone..
I'm here again, after a couple of weeks ago,i'm hiatus from blogging. When i'm log in back here,then looking to all my favorite bloglist , yeah..most of you come up with variety of story to share. surely,i'm spared to follow all the updated story from all bloggers. I'm feel sorry to everyone. Anyway,i hope you all enjoyed doing whatever you like and be pleased wherever you are.Then,don't forget me.haha..=)

So,after my condition just now? Thankfully, all is well.I've completed the third cycle of chemo which took 4 days. Despite there are complications. A couple of days ago, i've infection on my right eye. In medic,we call it conjunctivitis. This condition is a side effect of my chemo.I'm so suffered to through it.Fortunately,after met the consultant of eye, i'm fully recovered. So,the next planning is I would have bone marrow transplant. I don't know what my condition then. certainly,this transplant would be implemented at the Hospital Ampang.I could be there for a several month, probably it will 3 till 4 months at there. Omgee, it's a huge thing to me. I even don't know either this entry or next sharing will be the last from me or i'll come again afterwards. I'm only keep praying non-stop. Hopefully, may god give me a chances to live as everyone else. I'm begging for it . >.<

People always saying "Everything happen have a reason ".Yeah,it's a worthwhile quotes to beliefs.Then,I remember a song from the nasyid team (Raihan).The lyric sound is"wealthy before the poverty. Healthy before illness. Live before death. Free before narrowly."Well,Who Are We In front of Him(God).Totally,i'm helpless indeed. I'm only keep praying, listing all my plan to accomplished. By the hope,Only god. So,i'm hand it to god to predetermine my fate then.

Dear all readers..
Don't competing to another to seek perfection.
Be grateful with what you have,but not to be proud of.
Even perfection,has it downside.

No matter how hard the past, i could always begin again.Insyaallah..ameen..=)
Thus, snippet of my sincerity.I would keep reading on your blog. So,keep blogging yeah...Happy Weekend day.=)


Choki said...

Welcome back ;-)

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hey choki..Yeah..almost welcome..hehe..=)

Fane Davis said...

keep it strong big girl...i know you'll float on somehow.Pray hard and don't forget to dream...There is always tomorrow for awesomely gorgeous person just like you.
so how's study?still going on?
anyway,really wish you well...

CikMai said...

Be grateful with what you have,but not to be proud of. ~ i love this phrase :)

jessforshort. said...

Hello sis! Be strong and just know that all this come from Him. Pray the best for u, and be back to us soon k. Take care and live this life to the fullest ^^

andrianoa said...

welcome back :) God bless

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging world!^^
btw,i follow u dear,hope at least you can visit my blog.:)

Winnie Irene said...

be strong dear. u will surely be just fine. :)

SimplySeoul said...

Hello dear, sorry for my late visit. It is common for a blogger to take a short hiatus, to find some inspirations maybe :)