Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Life With Cancer #2

Hello readers and viewers..
Today,it's already 4 days in ramadhan we were have been. I know most of us feel exhausted. It's our obligation to fasting. Never mind, because Allah will give us a great rewards then. Insyaallah..
I took this time to share my experience in getting treatment for my leukemic cancer. My first entry about my life with cancer #1, it's all about the first time i'm diagnosed with the AML. I'm sharing to you all my feeling about it and how i accept this circumstances. I admit it, sometimes, i'm feel give up and feel hopeless at all. But, when i look the patient that having the same disease as me while even hard than me, they all so strong to have it. Then, I realized it.No matter hard, till today i'm strong enough to confront it.

As the doctor and pharmacist discuss about my treatment,then they decided that i need to undergo 4 cycle of chemotherapy.
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Chemo #1st cycle
It's start on 5th April till 11th April 2012.
7 days to complete first cycle.I'd been sick a few times, tired, and not really eating much at times.These first session so exhausting, as I'm receives "hydration" fluids to flush my kidneys to help prevent the chemotherapy drugs damaging them. This means i'm pees every 1-2 hours. This circumstances restrain me to move and continue my daily activity as usual. The only thing i could do, lying down and sleep all day. The worst thing i hate is Vomit. 

Post Chemo #1st cycle
During the chemotherapy,there is nothing for me. But, after i'd completed it. All the thing become worst. My blood drop. My Platelet drop(platelet funtion well to avoid bleeding), So they tranfuse me and i took an allergic reaction to them. That was quit scary. While, my HB also getting low in range,so they tranfuse me 1 pint of packed cell. Fortunately,i didn't get any reaction. As long my blood didn't get into it's normal point, i'd received many times tranfuse.  The other thing is, i'd lose my hair. This a complication of chemo.

After a month i'm admitted at the ward.Finally,they agree to discharge me from the ward.Just for awhile. Then,come again to have a Bone Marrow aspiration (BMA) for the second time,before start the second chemotheraphy. BMA can determine the dose for the next chemotheraphy.So, my chemotherapy depend on my Bone Marrow Aspiration result.

Thats all from me. Next i'll continue again the rest of my story. So,keep blogging and read my entry. Thanks for the comment from you all. You all give me support to confront all of this. Thank you so much.=)



aini shahroni said...

be strong my sis

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

i sdeyh kalau bace entry ttg cancer ni. i tkut bace ttg sakit u ety. moge2 u cpt sembuhhh ea ;)

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

Be strong sis.. Allah always with u... ='(

aiNa yaZiD said...

sabar k dear... smoga kamu tabah menghadapi dugaan.

Safiah Ibrahim said...

moga ety baik2 saja.

Fia doakan ety akan sihat. InsyaALLAH. Amin

A.G.P said...

u can go through it.....But u have to be strong...and i know u r... =)