Sunday, July 29, 2012

My days lately so exciting

One week i'd spend my time with my family. I couldn't say how i'm really exhilarated enjoying my day with them lately.  As though i can't leave every minute of my time to release everything. Yeah, all of us so delighted in this blessing month.(Ramadhan). we all having "sahur" and "sungkai" together. I couldn't forget the moment at all. No matter what, i could say that home is heaven for us.

 Everywhere you have been of,as far from your beloved family and house(hometown) i bet you would remember and find it. For me, i didn't have nothing that so precious more than my family. So, i'm really grateful to god because still give me happiness along with them.=) Along one week i've many exciting thing to share to you all. I don't have time to create new post because i'm so busy spending the whole of my time with my beloved family.
 So,let me share to you all the great thing that make me so exciting.

Help my mum preparing food for  "sungkai"

Yeah,everyday along with my family. I'm the one that always busy at the kitchen.Hehe..I help my mum to prepare food for them. We don't want to waste money. Save as much as we can. Even i know, at the outside there's a lot of food in bazaar ramadhan. We go there but rarely.

 The photo that i stick above,is my homemade ABC. It's so easy to prepare it. Just make your own jelly and put it with your favorite color as red,green and yellow. So,it's up to you. Everything is in your hand. You could make it as much as you want. Actually, it's more better to prepare it by yourself than you buy it from bazaar because it's more satisfied. =)

My homemade cheese cake
A couple of days ago..i want to bake a cheese cake. But, our residential area having problem of water supply. Omgee, i couldn't bake my cake. Finally, yesterday i've done with it.Hehe. Cheese cake is my favorite desert. If we get it from bazaar, oh gosh! if i'm not mistake they sell it with a price of Rm3.50 cent a slice. No!No!No!..I think is better if i bake it.So, i'm going to Putatan and bought all the ingredients at the "Bake with me" Shop.I discover something there.If you all interested in baking,there's a lot of thing that supply for bakers. I think i would go there again. oh yeah, next entry i'll share to you all how to bake this cheese cake so you can try it. =)

I've got my new book to read
Last weekend my family and i had went to centre point. Yeah, when i got there.Huhu, i never let go to visit the popular bookstore and bought some book. =) Finally, i have spend my money to buy two books. One i've is The book of the dead written by Douglas Preston & Lincoln child and another one is The Winter Ghosts written by Kate Mosse. Certainly, i would read this book during i'm admitted at the ward while having chemo. Hehe..=)

My new android tablet phone

I don't know how could i ever be someone that wasting money. Never mind. Only once. Hahaha..I just want to try something new. Well, day to day there's a lot of modern gadget right. I just want to try how advanced it's function. So, far i'm using my new android tablet.Yeah, i admit it. There's a lot of improvement from phone to tablet phone. From Nokia to samsung,then try this android tablet.Hehe. I'm satisfied with this new one. I can do many things with it and it so easy for me.=)

Emmm,What else yaa..i think thats all of my sharing.Tomorrow,i'll readmit back to ward for my last chemo. I hope all of you pray for me yaa. May god bless all of you then. Ameen..Selamat berbuka Puasa..=)

P/s See you again..mmmwuaahh..=D


Winnie Irene said...

glad to see u happy babe! yeah, there's no place like home. especially with family. hehe

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hye.winnie,thanks for dropping by here.yups,family first after god and before others.thats my priority..:)

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

wahhhh npk cem bestt jer cheese cake tu.i love cheese cakeee.byknye hp die.sume cggih2 ;)

p/s:dont forget follow my twitter ea ety ;)

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

glad u happy sis.. wahh, sis, sy baca post sis ni pun sy tersenyum.. syokknyyyaaaa dapat tab baru.. jeles2.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

untungla dpt berpuasa bersama keluarga tercinta :')

Adila Nuryein said...

waaaa.. look delicious sis... :)))) btw, got something so ask an advice from you... err... we talk it on my blog later kay... :'(