Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I realize something between us

After a couple of year i'm stick with him. I'd never feel despair to love him from day to day even till the end of my life. Since i'm in this circumstances,i realized something. As though we never having love affair to each other. Just like we live in our own territory. I don't know what the trial is. I'm  only could  wondering without the right answers. To think about this,it would suck my life. I don't want to inquire him more and more to give the answers. He just  simply answering me " I'm really busy". kinda defensively.

Yeah,no matter what happen,i didn't care anymore. I need to think myself before other. Isn't it.? Sometimes love is happiness,but it would be insanity when you crushed then. I'd rather live lonely without him. I admit,i'm not a perfect for him,i can't be. I'm just a shortage person. So,go on. Surely,he can find a girl who's truly deeply love after me. I don't really care at all. Absolutely, I'm not for him. 

I'm stop to write here. It's hard to reveal something that so privacy here. I just can't bear it. Not at all. I 'm really sorry for this annoying story.


✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

Oh my sister, what happen??? sad story here.. hurrrmmmm, am also not happy when read this... Im know ur hurt right now, but I wanna to say is be patient and be strong.. focus on ur life and ur future... If u not for him, I will pray that u will meet the good person for u.. Amin.. Dont be sad key, im always for u.. ='(

" Apabila seseorang gadis itu berpisah atau dipisahkan oleh seorang lelaki, bersyukurlah kerana itu menandakan Allah mahu menjaganya "

Winnie Irene said...

are u ok dear? huhu. be strong k. take care of urself.

SimplySeoul said...

Stay strong. Love will always find its way.

Thank you for your kind remembrance towards me the other day. <3