Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweetheart GoLd Diaries

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Hye..To all  blogger..How are u?em,I think this is my special post to u all..thanks  cause let your fingers do the clicking for view my blog..This is confession from my heart..what I understand about love..if someone ask u all about love..what u all can give answer?did  u copy it from book,novel..or long you can understand about love..while,for me..Everybody have something to say about love.Actually,sometimes I want to stop thinking about love.Long time ago,because of love someone leave me..Left me in tears.he shattered my heart. my soul Slowly being destroyed by his chemical. 

I know I'm not a perfect person for you.The memories made me think different. it was all a lie and every word never meant.In my mind and deep from my heart’s soul…I will find someone better than you.I locked my heart..and waiting someone that have his key to unlock my heart…Everytime,everything about love still surround my mind..

For me..deep from my heart..
  What is it with Love?
That makes me then breaks me?
When in love do I truly love?
Is it really love Or do I think that I love?
 Maybe I just love being in love
Or love the idea of being in love?
I spent my whole life chasing love.
In the end the one thing I truly love
Could just be the pursuit of love

I have heard it said
True love comes around only once in life…
I never believed that until I met you.

Until,one day i found him..
the owner of the key..
He unlock my heart..

Now,I know what true love means,

For never have I loved someone

as I love you…

Because our love is eternal
There's nothing left to say,
Except to say this one last word.
I love you more each day
My Sweetheart Isthanny

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