Friday, April 29, 2011

stand by me

kinda bored this night.i just relax my mind after making some revision on medical subject.My brain already feel tired to,i took my broadband for blogging here.omg,my final exam for third semester is around the make me feel nervous to sit the exam.i think i don't have enough preparation for that.well,even i feel so tired doing my practical..i need to prepare myself  for  my examintion.Because its so important for continue my next semester.Insyaallah,everything will be Ok..AMin....("')("')

Last week,i'm stayed at Asrama Jururawat Masyarakat (AJM).with my other friends.we all have 10 members in a home.sharing everything .the sweet memories between us never be erased...even busy with our practical.we still have time to spend day in a millione days...that day make me feel so happy.because  i can't release tension.relax my mind.honestly,i'm very naughty...who like to do anything that i want.except the weird thing..>.<.. don't worry anything that i do never hurt anybody.:)

The most activity that i like doing when i'm outing..especially,at the beautiful place..i'm love to snap everything.. that i think..can keep it as the thing that so precious which can't be erased in my,i've snap everything that i love include our photo.i already making some photosession with my friends..they all very supporting and photogenic.So,just click my link to view all my photo 
the picture above was snap by my friend.She say"hey,u only snap us..let me snap your photo as our photographer..".Even me as the volunteer photographer.:P

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