Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweetheart not feelling well now

Hye to all blogger and viewer.How are u all?em,i hope u all so well.Now,i'm just sitting in front the lappy,while eating maggie and drink Milo.Lonely,here.All my friend go to work.They all "Am Duty".I'm "Pm Duty".So,pity.huhu!!Kinda bored sitting alone at home.While,listening music,i'm thinking want to update my,even i don't feel so healthy,i still have time to spend it with doing blogging.Yesterday,it just started with flu.But,since midnight,everything became so excessive.Maybe it cause by the weather.Rainy day.And my routine.Always took cold drink.hoho!!

Sorry ha,if u all so bored with my blog.I don't have special story to share with u all.In my mind.only doing like this at least can decrease my moody day.haha..I hope it make me well.Maybe u all,will doing the same thing like me.For those have blog.Isn't it??well,i hope u all pray for your health always,hopefully god always maintaining your healthy either mentally or physically.

Now,i'm not feeling well.Get flu,cough,dizziness and fever.i don't have mood to proceed my tutorial,practical.How can i treat patient if i also need treatment.hohjo,so bad,i need to wearing mask along time during doing my practical at ward.Its so burden.Moreover i need to complete my assigment.So many.How can i confront with all this problem.well,i hope my patience can heal everything.I just pray to god.everything will come back to its point.Unwell to well.

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