Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miss all the moment

Hello bloggeeps..

Late entry again..hehe..i can't sleep..huhh..:(
Yeah,many things to think. when i start remember back what all the past. I mean not a bad memories. I remember back all the sweet memories. I cried loud from my heart. Lonely, only god hear how's my heart. Then, to release all the feeling. I start plucking my guitar and singing. Suddenly, the first song that past in my mind is Ombak Rindu . Yeah, make me feel everything. I cry when singing this song. While, rewind back all the sweet memories that come into my past life. 

So, just wait for the next entry. I'll sing and cover Ombak rindu . Hmm..yeah,just a short entry.Hehe..okay guys. you all..=))