Monday, May 23, 2011

fall in love to snap child's photo

Hye to all of you.How are you there..i'm so bored just,want to fill my empty time..I sit in front of my lappy for 2 hours ago..playing game.Then,click the album.view all the photo that i snap.after click my younger sister snapshot.I'm thinking something..why i so fanatic to snap her picture.I don't know why...maybe she so cute for me.hehe...actually,she's true..have a natural cute that lead me like to snap her.Whatever she doing..i'm always look..when i get her style..without wasting time..just bring my camera..than,in a second take her picture.

Well,for me..i like to snap children.Because they look nature with their big smile,shining,once you snap..make the photo so perfect in whatever way you snap..they still look natural..because all of this..i'm fall in love to snap children photo.for those like photography.I refer you all snap children photo.It will make you satisfied with the photo.But,the problem is..children are really difficult to,naughty.Very like to make movement when the camera is show in front of them.Don't like to be a model..but want to touch up the camera..being a photography..hehe..but i trust..everything is depend on your way lead them.Make them enjoy become a young,i attach younger sister photo.That i love so much..because its look natural...natural beauty..

Thats my photo guys..hope you all enjoy with my younger sister.Hehe..actually,i have many photo..from her blog here just for write my feeling and anything that i think can share with u all..i have another blog just for,u all can follow me there.

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