Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've got Miserable Mind

Hye blogger viewer.Wish u all morning.After having calling with my dear.I feel empty because he already sleep .have a sweet dream dear.How about me?I just lying down on my lovely bed.i'm so sleeping badly.can't sleep like insomnia.I'm Finding  hard to switch off my eyes.So,i took my lappy and get my broadband to walking here.

Maybe i'm being like this because so stress with my preparation for final examination.stress study.stress in my practical.stress to complete my log book.stress to find case.stress with study case presentation.stress in financial.well,being a student can be very stressful.

Today,i've PM duty at Obstetric and gynaechology ward in Hospital Wanita Kanak-Kanak Sabah.suddenly my clinical instruction called me.She told.."tomorrow,no need to come for AM duty,i already change your rooster to PM duty".Wow,so suprising.Make my mood switch to glum.So poor,because only me and my friend doing duty there.Both of us feel so furious with ths changes.The other friend will having 4 members this coming morning.How can we manage the ward that having 14 rooms.Every room fill 6 to 10 patients.So damn.Huhu.can u imagine..well,i don't think so deeply about that.What I do,depend on myself and where i were.I know can manage them very well.My concerns,caring,loving and responsible are my principles as nurse.

Actually,i don't like with this changes.because i already have plan about my revision and preparation for the exam.Well,even i'm not satisfied with this.I should to confront with it.Let time bring me walk on everything.
I know i can do everything.i just pray to god.May god blessed me in everything that i confront.Bye,i try to sleep well.

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