Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Feel Free

Hye.I Wish u all stay healthy even busy with your study,working and in everything.After having rollcall,i got my broadband and let my finger click write and share about my feeling and expression after finished all my exam.Well,it;s not fault if i sharing something to u all.Because sharing means you are caring.Thanks for view my blog.So,finishing all that challenges make me feel free and so relaxed because everything was settle down.I'm very thankful to god.Along my examination,everything was proceed so well.

I had seated two exam that i need to confront and settle it.Firstly,is my final sumative examination.and other is my OSCE examination under KKM.To all  my friend JP January/2010 wish we all get excellent result soon.Struggle make us feel the big smile soon.Don't worry for those that failed.It's not mean you failed in everything.Must be trust yourself.There will be the valuable things that will be replaced every failure.Thanks to my parents that always support me and pray for me.And not forget to our lecturer and clinical instruction that very dedicated and be ready help us in everything.Thank u so much.

I hope my result will be OK.i want it get my,at the evening.My friend and i get some fresh outdoor activity to free our mind and make it relaxed.i play the volleyball amazing,i can doing my service so well.haha..make our match can't touch up the ball.Maybe next semester i will represent and being a volleyball player for our KOKUM day.during play,i've see our surroundding feel so fresh and get gorgeous sky with different pattern of cloud with the sunset.So,i snap some photo using my handphone...u will feel so free and relaxed to see it...So,i attach the snapshot here..

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