Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My New Hair Style

Hye, my blog now like  to serve about my recent activity last two days.well,after finished my theory examination on weekend. I really mad to enjoy and bring myself to release tension. so, special for Kaamatan day soon. I with my best friends want to make changes in our personal image. so I make changes to myself. I  went to saloon at centre point.so,long to take time finding the best saloon.I want to cut my hair with different image new hair style before this.in my mind let people don’t know me and unable to detect me.who I am.include him..hehee…so naughty.Seriously,I’m very mischievous.Really,but still have affection and  have mercy.

Well,for me I like to be a frank person.Doesn’t like pretending in everything just because want to get attention and compliment from others.so,I’m proud to be myself.Everything is stand by me.so,without making any corrupted here.hehe..lets continue my story.sorry,everything that I write here just for fun.

Finally,i found the best saloon that serve customer with their big smile.The price for makeover hair with new trend very standard.NO say not for low social-eco.Because everyone are able to get masterliness barber.Huhu.The saloon namely “KAWAAI”.All the barber very talented in manage hair.so,this is me after cutting hair.I don’t know what the style is..i just ask the barber to cut as I want.Maybe this make me look so eager.Haha…Lol :D

This is my hair before

This is after cut..hehe...

from lateral 

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