Thursday, May 26, 2011

i'm lovin it!!

Hye friends there..I come back..with full blast love..yesterday,me and my friend went to McDonald's.After finished working at hospital Likas.So damn there.Hehe.Because make me feel fully tired.Until,i didn't get my lunch.Until 2.00,we go to McD..Just for fun and fill our empty stomach.Haha..Both of us enjoy our food and beverage.I'm very like McDonald's than Kentucky Fried Chicken.(KFC)..because the feeling to taste their food.I'm sorry..i just write down about my past entry,

No wonder i'm so friendly with make us satisfied and can release tension.just relax to make movement on our called exercise because chewing food.So,i never feel guilty to myself if my weight get up..huhu.Dangerous least i don't want to get the,my advice..don't go to this place oftenly.make it rarely.Insyaallah,everything will be maintain....

Big Meal and chicken porridege set from McDonald's

Me and My bestfriend(Mei Ling)

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